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Top 5 Countertop Styles To Avoid: Kitchen Remodeling

Top 5 Countertop Styles To Avoid: Kitchen Remodeling

New countertops provide the perfect finishing touch for kitchen remodeling projects. If you’re currently weighing your options, there are some options you may want to avoid. These counters are often more of a hassle than they’re worth, or they don’t last as long as their alternatives. Here are 5 kitchen countertop styles you should steer clear of.

Tile Countertops

Tile countertops are often seen as an affordable alternative to stone. Rather than paying for a slab of granite, you can get natural stone tile for a fraction of the cost. Tile countertops are NOT a good option though, for several reasons. The grout between the tile gets filthy very quickly, and it is difficult to clean. Because of that, your counters will always look dirty, even if you’ve just washed them. Crumbs can get lodged in the grout to make cleaning a nightmare, and it’s difficult to keep all of the tile level along the surface. Unless you want an uneven, dirty, high-maintenance countertop, you’ll be better off with something else.

Sheet Laminate Countertops

There are two styles of laminate countertops you can get for your kitchen: pre-set formica or sheet laminate. The sheet laminate is cheaper than the pre-set formica, but it is much more difficult to install. Oftentimes the money you have to spend on installation is close to the cost of stone or solid surface countertops. Sheet countertops do not last as long because the joints around the edges wear down over time. The trim or end pieces can fall off after years of use, and you will not be able to match them.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops have become a popular trend in Michigan kitchen remodeling because they’re affordable, industrial, and pretty cool to look at. Just like concrete on a sidewalk or driveway though, concrete on your countertops can crack and chip. The concrete is very porous, and it can turn into a sponge for kitchen grime if it is not sealed properly. Before you set your mind on this cool-but-impractical option, consider the alternatives.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are not as durable or heat resistant as granite countertops. They are great for bathrooms, but they are not ideal for supporting hot pans and constant abuse in the kitchen. If you’re going to spend money on natural stone, you should consider a dark, dense granite that will look great and last a lifetime. We would be happy to go over your options with you.

Butcher Board Countertops

Butcher board countertops are functional and attractive, but they’re not ideal for long-term use. Think about the knife marks on your favorite cutting board. Eventually, your counters will be covered in them. Butcher boards absorb liquids just like cutting boards, so they can lock in stains that are difficult to get out. If you want a butcher board look for your counters, put it on the island. This is something that you can stain and seal over time without interrupting the rest of your kitchen countertops.

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