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Tips for Adding Space for Aging Parents

Tips for Adding Space for Aging Parents

There are several reasons why you might need to provide new space in your home for aging parents. For some, the reason is ethical. In many cultures around the world, having parents move in is standard operating procedure for providing end of life care.

Another reason is financial. With the rhythms of our economy, many of us Boomers or Gen Xer’s have had an opportunity to accrue wealth our parents never had. This might leave them without options for adequate housing later in life. Whatever the reason, there is a lot to consider when opening your home to older parents.

One of the best ways to make this transition easy on everyone is by building a premium addition to your existing home. This allows you to customize the space to the exact needs of your aging parents while also considering how the space will entice potential buyers when it comes time to put your home on the market.

To Connect or to Disconnect

The first decision you need to make is whether your addition will be a separate-but-connected space or if an entirely separate structure is the best solution. For most folks, a connected space will provide the best value and the most peace of mind as you take on the role of caretaker. An addition that attaches to an existing home provides more convenience for everyone. This type of addition is also more adaptable later if your needs should change.

You may have heard these connected spaces referred to as “mother-in-law suits” or “granny flats”. These spaces allow for access from outside the home and also into the main house. For some, a basement or a garage can be easily converted to facilitate this need.

What You Need to Consider with Multigenerational Renovations

There is a lot to think through when transitioning to multigenerational living. For example, will the additional space require closets for storage? In the long run, adding storage to your addition will be more cost effective than storing your parents’ belongings off-site. Knowing their possessions are close by might also help ease some of their concerns that can accompany this kind of change.

Will you need to include kitchen and bathroom facilities when adding on to your home? If so, what kind of accessories will you need to make sure your parents are safe in their new space? Installing grab bars near tubs and toilets are not something you might think about, but will go a long way in keeping your parents from potential injury.

The Right Builder Can Help

The right contractor will be able to answer all your questions while helping you design the best addition for you and your family. Give the professionals at Rebuilding Michigan a call at (800) 786-0100 or use the online contact form. Rebuilding Michigan will make sure your new space is exactly what you need!

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