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Should You Stay or Temporarily Move During a Home Renovation?

Should You Stay or Temporarily Move During a Home Renovation?

While you are likely to be excited by the results when your home renovation is completed, the process itself can be something of a painful one. Your home is one of the main hubs of your day-to-day living, so having workers in remodeling while you are living there is often chaotic and stressful.

The solution is to move out temporarily while the work is being done, but that too brings its own set of problems and issues. It’s like being on vacation and not being on vacation at the same time!

So, the question is should you stay or temporarily move during a home renovation?

Should you stay …

Possibly, the main deciding factor when it comes to the ‘stay or go’ decision is probably the amount of disruption that is going to be caused. If you are having your kitchen quickly remodeled for example, then surviving on takeout or restaurant visits for a few days is not going to be too awful.

If you have children, then you are probably going to want to stay put if you possibly can. Your children will want to be close to their schools and to their friends, and will find any move, even a temporary one, disruptive and upsetting.

… or should you go?

Before you decide whether to ‘stay or go’ you need to understand how you’ll be able to cope with aspects of your home being out of bounds. If you are going to be losing your roof or an exterior wall for a while, then obviously you are going to need to undergo a temporary relocation. You may be able to cope without a kitchen, but if your bathroom is going to be out of commission for several days, then you will need to consider how’ll you be able to cope.

If you have friends nearby then you might ask about having temporary use of their bathroom during certain periods. Remember though that you will be using someone’s home, and that it’s not a hotel!

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