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Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Will Be Hot in 2019

Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Will Be Hot in 2019

For most homes, the kitchen is the one space that every other room in the house revolves around. Just think about how much time you’ve spent in the kitchen during the past few months. If you’re not satisfied with the look or functionality of your existing kitchen, you may want to consider a kitchen remodel. If you have no idea where to start, the first decision you should make is to partner with our dedicated and experienced experts at Rebuilding Michigan. Now that you’ve made that important decision, our team would like to share some kitchen remodeling trends that will be hot in 2019.

Unique Colors

It’s amazing what a fresh paint job around your kitchen can do to the overall look of the room. Recently, Sherwin Williams announced that the paint color of the year for 2019 is Cavern Clay. Our kitchen remodeling specialists can help incorporate this new look into your kitchen, whether it is the primary color that you utilize or an accent color. Other trendy kitchen colors to look for in 2019 include dark grey, burnt orange as well as other organic and natural colors.

Modern Cabinets

2019 is all about a clean and slick look for your kitchen. Do you feel like you’ve just got way too much stuff in your kitchen? Our cabinet experts are here to help you declutter your kitchen through modern cabinets, which are sure to be hot in 2019. Simple looking cabinets without handles are sure to be trendy. When it comes to the cabinet materials, look for the use of laminates and woods such as oak, cherry, walnut, etc. Investing in modern cabinetry can not only bring a whole new look to your home, but it can also help maximize your kitchen space as well.

Technologically Advanced Appliances

It seems like every year there are new, more advanced kitchen appliances that are hot in the market. For 2019, it will be no different. Black stainless steel appliances are definitely hot items. When it comes to technologically advanced appliances in 2019, look for touch control appliances, glass door refrigerators, vacuuming cabinet drawers and many other features.

There is a lot that you can do to a kitchen to help you achieve a more modern, efficient look. If you’re looking to incorporate some kitchen remodeling trends that will be hot in 2019, our team at Rebuilding Michigan is the perfect partner for you. We’ll treat your kitchen remodeling project just like it is our own so that we can be sure to create the kitchen of your dreams. To request a free kitchen remodeling estimate, give us a call today at (800) 786-0100.

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