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Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Are Hot in 2019

Kitchen Remodeling Trends That Are Hot in 2019

Now that fall is here you could be giving serious consideration to gifting yourself the luxury of a brand new, remodeled kitchen. You might have some ideas yourself, or you may be seeking a little in the way of inspiration. Either way, you may want to consider these fashionable 2019 kitchen remodeling trends.

Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2019

Convenient, ‘hidden’ places to put things

Your kitchen has to store a lot of stuff, including cookware, cutlery, food and utensils. All this ‘stuff’ has to go somewhere, yet endless drawers and cupboards can ruin a kitchen’s sleek look. The trend for 2019 is to keep the storage but to lose the ‘in your face’ aspect of storage areas. Inventive storage solutions and clean lines make a kitchen both elegant, yet practical.

Wood is good

People at the moment seem to want to leave areas of their lives where they are free from technology, and where they can be reminded of both nature’s bounty and beauty. Wood has seen a comeback in recent years, and that trend shows no signs of reversing. Wooden units, tables, and flooring help to bring nature indoors.

Find your true colors

In the 1970s kitchens came alive with color. This trend died out in the 1980s when everything became white, and in the 1990s when everything became black. Now color is back, but not the hideous avocado greens of the 70s. Bold, bright colors within your overall kitchen design are the way to go.

Embrace technology

Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways, so why not in the kitchen too? You do not have to have a kitchen that ends up looking like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, but the odd bit of enhanced technology is totally fine. How about a wi-fi enabled coffee machine that means you can order your first cup of the day from your bedroom?

A nice touch of vintage

Kitchen trends may come and go, but some design features – such as natural stone or vintage lighting fixtures – work whatever the latest trends are. There’s no problem in marrying vintage with contemporary, just as long as you do it in the right way!

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