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Issues to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Basement

Issues to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Basement

If your home is running out of space, then instead of moving to a bigger house, why not better utilize the space that you already have? One way that you can do that is by remodeling your dingy, damp basement into a family room, den, media room, man cave or simply a nicer place to store important items.

Before you embark on a massive home improvement project with the aim of remodeling your basement, there are a few important issues that you need to pay close attention to. First, your basement has probably suffered from a slight case of neglect over the years. That leads to dampness, and you cannot remodel your basement until it has dried out completely. Trying to paint or plaster damp walls will only lead to disaster.

Plumbing Can Become a Basement Issue if Not Planned for Properly

If you are planning to turn your basement into a second bathroom, or anywhere where you are going to need running water such as for central heating, then plumbing is something you will seriously need to consider. Getting running water to a basement is not simply a case of adding a few pipes. Your basement is the lowest point of your home – getting water down there is fine, but getting it back up can cause problems if your new plumbing is not planned properly.

Flooring is also something that you will need to consider carefully. Tiles may feel great under the feet during the summer, but they will not be as welcoming in the winter. In addition, you should not lay a hardwood floor in the basement because of potential water problems. Engineered wood or laminate flooring are perhaps your best options.

Consider Your Lighting Options When Remodeling Your Basement

There are two main issues when it comes to light in your basement – a lack of natural light and a low ceiling. You could consider installing an egress window to solve the latter, and well-chosen ceiling lights are probably the best way of installing artificial light.

Remember that if turned into a habitable room, your basement must have at least two points of entrance/exit. The installation of an egress could provide the solution to both light and safety issues.

From kitchen and bathroom renovations to complete basement remodeling, Rebuilding Michigan is the company you can trust to see your remodeling projects through from beginning to conclusion. To learn more, please contact us at (800) 786-0110, or use our online contact form.


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