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How to Estimate Home Renovation Costs

How to Estimate Home Renovation Costs

If you’re planning to have your home renovated, one of the common questions you’re likely asking yourself is how to estimate home renovation costs? The truth is that this can be exceedingly difficult, which is why it’s so important to work with a reputable general contractor like Rebuilding Michigan.

Rebuilding Michigan has been providing home renovation services to residents in the area for decades and in doing so has developed a few key tips when it comes to estimating home renovation costs. A few of these tips include:

Tips to Help Estimate Home Renovation Costs

Keep the following tips in mind to help you better estimate a home renovation project of any size.

  • Ask for a Firm Estimate in Writing – Be suspicious of any general contractor who is not able to provide you with a written estimate. The more detail that’s on this estimate the better. You want a firm number that is in line with your agreed upon budget. This allows you to have some comfort knowing that your project will not go significantly over budget.
  • Work with a Reliable General Contractor – A reliable and experienced general contractor will have a firm grasp on construction costs as well as great relationships with any subcontractors that will be used during the home renovation. This can make it much easier on you, the homeowner when and if any issues arise during the project.
  • Pick Your Finishes Wisely – Finishes such as countertops, cabinets and fixtures can add up quickly. Be sure that you’re on the same page with your general contractor about your allowances for these items so that you’re not surprised when you realize your project costs have ballooned out of control.
  • Avoid Change Orders – One way to stay on budget is to avoid change orders. Sometimes it can be tempting to constantly tweak and add to your home renovation project, but the reality is that every change costs money and if you’re looking to stay on budget you need to stick to your original contract with your contractor.

Contact Rebuilding Michigan To Learn More About How to Keep Home Renovation Costs Under Control

At Rebuilding Michigan, we’ll do our best to help you stay within your budget on your next home renovation project. It’s our job to work on your behalf and a huge part of that role is to keep you on budget and ensure any subcontractors we work with stay on budget as well. To learn more about our meticulous home renovation process, feel free to contact us at any time by phone at (800) 786-0100.

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