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How to Add Marketable Value to your Basement

How to Add Marketable Value to your Basement

If you are lucky enough to live in a home with a finished basement, it may be tempting to let the space be used for storage, or as a place for things to go that you do not have room for in your main living spaces. As tempting as this is, you may be missing out on the opportunity to put that incredible basement space to good use. Rebuilding Michigan can help you with a basement remodeling project (large or small) that will utilize the space you have and even add marketable value to your entire property. Here are some things you can do to add value to your basement without spending a fortune:

  1. Add a bathroom: Your basement space is an ideal space for a guest bedroom, to give guests privacy and allow your family to continue their normal routines. Adding a bathroom to the basement area is extremely convenient for overnight guests, or friends who have come over to play!
  2. Add lighting: One of the things that you might not love about your basement is the lack of natural light. You may not have windows or doorways that let the sunlight in but there are ways to add windows, smart light and decorative lighting that can make the room feel much more open and spacious. Rebuilding Michigan can help you make changes to the lighting in your basement at little cost.
  3. Keep your storage area separate from living area: One of the issues with basements is that they can quickly become cluttered with items that you are not ready to part with, but that do not exactly fit the space. So, Rebuilding Michigan can help you create dedicated storage space in your basement so that you can keep that separated from living space. This will directly impact the marketable value of your basement.
  4. Decide exactly how you want to use your space: Guest bedroom, children’s playroom, home theater, craft room or storage area are just a few of the uses for a basement. Our advice is to decide how you want to use the space and do some remodeling to make the space fit your needs. This can mean the addition of walls, addition of built in storage units, new floors or adding a sink/bathroom. Our contractors can help you make your dream for your basement a reality, all while keeping an eye on adding marketable value to your home.

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