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How to Add Light to a Basement Renovation

How to Add Light to a Basement Renovation

If you’ve ever seen a scary movie, you know that quite often a character will bravely venture down into the basement during the film, often to meet a sticky end. That’s because basements have a reputation for being dark places with poor, artificial lighting.

As basements are underground you cannot just pop a window in to add natural light to the room, but that does not mean your options for lighting are restricted to a single bulb dangling from a cord. If lit correctly, your basement could become as welcoming a place as any other room in your home.

Harness the Power of Natural Light by Installing an Egress Window

An egress window is your best method of getting natural light into your basement. An egress is actually an entrance or an exit, so an egress window is not only a way of getting light into your basement, it’s a way of getting out of your basement should, for whatever reason, the main alternative become blocked or impassable. Legally, all bedrooms must have a minimum of two exit points. If you are going to use your basement as a bedroom, then an egress is a must.

An egress is typically a small pit that is dug against the side of your basement. A window is then placed in the area of the basement wall that is exposed, allowing sunlight to enter the bedroom. If you opt for this solution, then make sure your egress window is suitably insulated.

A Solar Tube is Another Great Way of Using Natural Light Within Your Basement

Solar tubes are small tunnels down which sunlight travels. Light from a relatively small aperture is gathered and then sent ‘bouncing’ down the tube via a series of highly reflective mirrors. Where the sunlight is gathered is up to you and your budget. The tube can lead into your basement, giving the room the benefits of natural sunlight. Solar tunnels can be expensive to buy and install, but once they are installed, they require almost zero maintenance and have zero running costs.

Whichever solution you go for, you can always add to the brightness of your basement by adding plenty of mirrors. This will allow the light within your basement to reflect back into the room as opposed to just being absorbed by the walls.

If you would like to learn more about basement renovations and the options that are open to you, please contact us here at Rebuilding Michigan. We can be contacted at (800) 786-0100, or you can use the contact form that’s been provided on our website.

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