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Why Countertop Refinishing Is A Waste Of Money

Why Countertop Refinishing Is A Waste Of Money

Countertop refinishing is often viewed as a convenient way to save money on kitchen remodeling. Why pay for new countertops when you can just paint over the ones you already have? While this theory is fine on the surface, the downsides of countertop refinishing greatly outweigh the financial savings. Before you invest in an unwise kitchen renovation, read on to find out why countertop refinishing is a waste of money.

The Topcoat Can’t Withstand Scratches

No matter how durable of a product you buy, your new countertops are not going to stand up to daily use. Specifically, refinished countertops are prone to scratching. If you accidentally slip off the cutting board or set some scissors down at the wrong angle, you could have a big gouge in your counters that is difficult to replace. This may not happen immediately, but it will eventually. At that point, your only option is to either sand down the counters and completely start fresh or to get a new set of countertops. Skip the hassle and invest in the new counters from the beginning.

Countertop Refinishing Is Messy

If you try to refinish your countertops on your own, prepare for a mess. This is not a DIY home remodeling project to take lightly. Depending on the product you use, you will either have to apply multiple layers of sponged paint to get a stone texture or you will have to use a paint chip dispenser to create flakes and speckles on your countertops. The dust from the sanding process is almost unbearable, let alone the debris from the application. Plan to spend a great deal of time cleaning afterward if this is the route you take with kitchen remodeling.

Damage Becomes More Noticeable

Many countertop refinishing products boast that they will seamlessly cover damage. WRONG. The damaged areas will either turn into indentations or raised areas if you apply a filler to them. No matter how much prep work you do, you will end up with a giant eye sore to cover with a cutting board or other temporary fix.

The best way to save money on new countertops is to work with a company you can trust. Rebuilding Michigan in Michigan is here to help you through the entire kitchen remodeling process. Give us a call to learn more about our countertop installation services.

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