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Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Island to your Next Renovation

Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Island to your Next Renovation

At Rebuilding Michigan, we are excited about your future space. Nothing gives us greater joy than seeing our customers extremely happy with the renovation process from start to finish. While trends and styles come and go within the renovation industry, the one thing that is not ever going to go away seems to be adding a kitchen island to your space. Kitchen islands are extremely versatile and add so much function to your space. If you are considering a kitchen remodel with Rebuilding Michigan, let us talk you through the amazing benefits of adding a kitchen island to your next renovation.

Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Island to Your Next Renovation

Storage Space

While there are so many wonderful benefits to a kitchen island, we are going to group our reasons into three categories. The first benefit of your kitchen island is obvious. Hello, storage! You know that weird, bulky piece of machinery you got at your last pampered chef party? Congratulations, you now have an easy place to put it! Imagine extra shelving, tiered cabinetry, and so much more room. At Rebuilding Michigan, we don’t just build you a kitchen island. We create a space that is completely functional for you! If you need a certain type of storage under that island, let’s customize it to fit your precise functional needs.

Added Seating

While you may or may not decide to add seats to your kitchen island, we think it’s an idea that serves most any kitchen well. The kitchen is an extremely welcoming environment both for your family and your friends. When you have any gathering, whether it’s a standard Tuesday night dinner or a dinner party over the holidays, people naturally gravitate towards the kitchen. Having a kitchen island will give you the opportunity to host an informal space for eating as well as additional space when you have a crowd.

The Aesthetics

Oh goodness, is there even such a thing as an underutilized, ugly kitchen island? Customizing and adding in a kitchen island at Rebuilding Michigan means that you can put any amenity on that island you’d like. Kitchen sinks, stove ranges, or perhaps just a clean, beautiful counter. Whatever your desire is, let’s do it! Whether your style is a robust, country feel or a sleek and modern design, a kitchen island is likely a part of your dream kitchen!

Ready to build the kitchen of your dreams? At Rebuilding Michigan, we cannot wait to help your dreams come to fruition. For more information about our kitchen island designs and ideas, give us a call today. Contact Rebuilding Michigan today at (800) 786-0100 to learn more.

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