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Bathroom Design Trends That Are Sure to be Hot in 2019

Bathroom Design Trends That Are Sure to be Hot in 2019

Do you walk into your bathroom every day and are disappointed by what you see? Perhaps you are seriously considering a bathroom remodeling project. Well, if you are you’ll, of course, want your new bathroom to be amazing!

Here are a few bathroom design trends that are sure to be hot in 2019.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Of course, you keep your bathroom clean, but when we are talking about bathroom remodeling, we are talking about clean lines. A refined bathroom is one that never, ever goes out of fashion. It’s a design that perfectly marries functionality with good looks. Keep everything simple and you will not have to worry about your bathroom looking outdated in the years to come.

Wood is Good

Wood is making something of a comeback in the world of bathroom design. Wood is the most natural design element at your disposal so you should make full use of it. The naturalness of wood really creates warmth and a welcoming space. It’s also a very affordable design trend that you should seriously consider.

A Free-standing Tub Really Stands Out

For decades one of the key factors of any bathroom design was a bathtub that was so incorporated into the overall build that it was almost hidden. More recently people have asked “what is so embarrassing about a bathtub?” and now the humble, free-standing tub is making a real comeback. A stylish, free-standing bathtub can become the real centerpiece of your bathroom.

Embrace Technology

Smart gadgets have managed to infiltrate most areas of our lives, yet our bathroom usually and staunchly remains gadget-free. There is no reason why this needs to be the case, and the trend is now for technology to be allowed to finally enter the bathroom. Why not invest in a system where you can control the lights via voice command, or set up a playlist?

So, there you go – imagine taking a bath in your new, fashionable bathroom with its clean lines and wooden features, dimming the lights by simply asking and listening to your favorite music. It’s the height of self-pampering luxury!

If you are looking to follow the latest trends in bathroom design then please consider the experienced services of Rebuilding Michigan. No matter the size of your bathroom or the scope of your project, we can help. Contact us at (800) 786-0100 or use our online contact form.

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