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5 Kitchen Features Worth Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling IdeasIt’s no secret that the kitchen is the biggest selling point on a home. This is the room that people are going to judge the rest of the home by. If you have a nice kitchen, your entire house will instantly get a visual upgrade. Why not make the most of that power? Listed below are 5 kitchen features worth remodeling so you know where to start investing your money.


Your countertops set the tone for your kitchen. Put a granite slab counter on top of an old set of cabinets, and they automatically look chic and desirable. You don’t necessarily have to invest in granite or marble to make an impact in your kitchen though. You can get granite tile counters or stone-inspired laminate that will have the same basic look for a lower price.

Kitchen Cabinets

Most of the visible space in a kitchen is covered in cabinetry, so this is obviously an important feature in the room. If your cabinets are still structurally in good shape, you may just want to redesign or replace the doors on them. This will save you money and still give you a remodeled feeling in your kitchen. A simple hardware upgrade can do wonders, depending on what your kitchen looked like originally.


The backsplash in a kitchen is often forgotten during renovation, but it can dramatically change the look of the space. This is the wall behind the sink, stove, and countertops that blocks grease from soaking into the drywall. Some kitchens have low-setting backsplashes, and some don’t have them at all. Add some nice tile to your backsplash, and you will jazz up your kitchen significantly.


Getting new appliances for your kitchen can serve several purposes. It could upgrade the overall look of the kitchen, and it can save you money on electricity bills if you invest in energy efficient appliances. Stainless steel is the most popular material for high-end remodeling projects, but it can get pricey. You may consider buying quality used appliances or black appliances instead if you want to save money on remodeling.


Your floors are not quite as important as your countertops, but they do make a statement in the kitchen. Invest in large ceramic tiles or hardwood for your kitchen flooring, and you will give the whole room a face lift. You could also consider laminate flooring to cut costs, but note that it will not last as long as the other materials we mentioned.

Spend your money wisely on the right kitchen remodeling projects, and you will add a ton of value to your home.

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