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4 Must Haves for a Killer Man Cave

4 Must Haves for a Killer Man Cave

Not too long ago, the term ‘man cave’ was a reference to a room in a house in which a man, usually a hard-working dad, was allowed to be a slob.  It may have been a room whose door was kept shut, and people entered at their own peril.  Unauthorized entry might have resulted in toes stubbed on power tools or sweaters snagged on nails sticking out of the walls holding up tattered posters of favorite teams.  This type of man cave has changed.  The modern man cave is now a destination in the home, a place for guests to enjoy the big game or the latest action movie with theater-quality sound.  We are Rebuilding Michigan, and we specialize in making your home exactly what you want it to be.  With that in mind, we share these four must haves for a killer man cave.

Tips for Making the Perfect Man Cave

  1. You must have a great TV – Not just a decent TV, but a transcendent TV, a TV with incredible visual quality.  A great TV deserves a great sound system too, and great surround-sound can be achieved at a reasonable price.
  2. Find ways to express yourself – It is YOUR man cave, so decorate it with memorabilia of your favorite sports teams or posters from your favorite movies.  Transcend the limits of a fixed-up basement by putting some extra thought and effort into what goes on the walls.  Frame your photos and think about how to place wall hangings to highlight what you care about.
  3. You must have an accessible refrigerator – If you have the space, you may want to even consider installing a full bar.  If not, a well-stocked refrigerator will tell your guests that you care about them having a good time in your man cave.  Cold refreshment should be only a short walk away!
  4. Comfortable furniture – A combination of couches and individual seats is recommended, but comfort is the must-have here.  The size of your man cave will help determine how many people you would like to entertain, but the comfort level of your furniture should be as high as possible.

Custom Man Caves

You may have some great ideas of your own for man-cave must-haves, and of course those are what will make yours unique.  The team at Rebuilding Michigan can help you realize your vision for your man cave.  We have the experience and expertise to transform a normal room into a man cave where you can escape in comfort and entertain friends and family on occasions that are special to you. When you partner with us on your man cave, our contractors can take care of the entire project from start to finish. Call us at (800) 786-0100 to learn more or to speak with a member of our team.

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