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Start The New Year With A New Home Addition

New Home AdditionsMost New Year’s resolutions center around weight loss and bad habits. While we encourage you to continue with those resolutions in 2015, you should also think about the needs of your home. If you’re outgrowing your current home or you want to add value to it, a new home addition might be the perfect option for you. Start the new year with a new addition, and you’re sure to have success in the coming months.

Different Types Of Home Additions

There are different ways you can go about adding onto your home. Some home additions are as simple as expanding the closet in the master bedroom. Others involve adding a complete room to the home or even an entire floor, depending on your needs. Your neighborhood may not be zoned to support second story houses or homes over a certain square footage, so you have to be careful about what kind of home addition you choose. We will go over all of that with you during your inspection.

Short Term Impact Of Home Additions

As expected, your house will be a bit of a construction zone while your new addition is completed. Our contractors work as quickly as possible to get your home back to normal, but you may have some adjustments to make for a couple weeks. We can work around your schedule so that most of the work happens while you are away at work, or we can try to be there when you are home, if you’d like. Overall, this is a small sacrifice to make for the beautiful addition that comes out of it.

Long Term Impact Of Home Additions

Once you get through the hassle of actually building your home addition, you will have a whole new space to explore in your home. This will give you more places to store items, do work, or just enjoy time with the family. That extra square footage will also add value to your home, which will result in a higher sales price when the time comes. You might even make the space big enough for a small apartment, turning your home into an income property that you earn money from!

There are so many benefits that come with new home additions. Consider all of this when you start planning for the new year, and you will soon see the advantages of having a new addition.

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