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MI Home Remodeling: Hiding Load-Bearing Beams

MI Home Remodeling: Hiding Load-Bearing Beams

load bearing beams

Load-bearing beams are always a challenge when it comes to home remodeling in Michigan. These are particularly common in kitchen remodeling and basement remodeling, where the existing structure of the home gets in the way of the original design plan. While it is possible to move a load-bearing beam in some cases, it is usually not cost effective. If you want to get a good return on investment, it’s best to find a way to hide the eye-sore altogether.

Here are some home remodeling tips for hiding a load-bearing beam.

Decorative Columns

This is a technique that we have used in many of our Michigan kitchen remodeling projects. The goal here is to make the supports look like decorative elements in the space. Special trim is applied on the surface of a vertical beam to make it look like an elegant column. This look may also be achieved by painting the column a different color (usually white) and adding simple trim to areas where it intersects with the ceiling, ground, or countertop. Just keep in mind that the style of the column should match the style of the kitchen – sleek for modern designs, ornate for vintage designs, etc.

Room Separators

In the case of horizontal beams running across the ceiling, you could disguise them as room separators. In this case, you may expose the natural wood of the beam to create a visual break from one room to the next. For high ceilings, you can add shelving or low-hanging beams to the support beam so it looks like it was a planned part of the design.


This works for both vertical and horizontal load-bearing beams. If there is enough space in the room, you can add custom shelving to the outside of the beam much like you would a built-in surrounding a fireplace. In several of our home remodeling projects in Michigan, we have been able to create floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to hide load-bearing beams, all while maintaining an open feeling in the room. Give us a call so we can put together a design plan for you.

Lighting Support

If your load-bearing beam goes over a countertop or table, you could use it to hold up the lighting for the space. This will draw attention to decorative light fixtures that accentuate your unique design aesthetic. Track lighting, chandeliers, and many other fixtures can be used alongside a load-bearing beam to enhance your home remodeling as a whole.

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