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Plan Your Michigan Home Remodeling In Stages

Plan Your Michigan Home Remodeling In Stages

home remodeling stages

Some Michigan homeowners avoid home remodeling for fear of having to pay a lot of money upfront. Just because you upgrade the appearance of your home doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, especially if you work with a team of experts like the ones at Rebuilding Michigan. With that in mind, you could save money on home remodeling by planning it in stages.

Identify Your Design Goals And Priorities

What do you want to achieve with your Michigan home remodeling? What are your biggest goals and priorities? Discuss these with your design team so they can come up with solutions to help you achieve your goals. If you explain that you want to complete the design in stages, they can recommend which renovations to focus on first.

Create A Logical Order For Your Home Remodeling

One of the biggest considerations when setting up a home remodeling plan is how each remodeling effort will impact the next one. For instance, if you change the layout of your kitchen cabinets, you’re going to need a new countertop layout and new or modified flooring. You wouldn’t want to install a new floor only to have it torn out during a future stage. Talk to your home remodelers about the order you should complete the work in to reduce your labor expenses and minimize your material costs.

Invest In Crucial Repairs First

As much as you may want to jump into the “pretty” parts of home remodeling, you need to think about what is best for your home. This may require you to complete costly repairs before working on less expensive aesthetic changes. For example, there is no sense in repainting a water stain on your ceiling if you haven’t repaired the leaky roof that caused it in the first place. Get the fundamental home improvements out of the way to avoid bigger repairs later on.

Make Sure Each Stage Feels “Complete”

Truly successful home remodeling stages will feel complete at the end of each one. Your house may not look exactly like you want it to look, but it should have reached a stopping point. It’s like writing a research paper and taking a break at the end of a sentence or paragraph. There’s still work to go, but at least you can mentally feel like you’ve accomplished something. Once you see how great one stage looks, you’ll be that more motivated to move on to the next one.


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