Quality Roofing, Siding, Windows and Much More!

Trusted Roof Repair and New Roofs with Lifetime Warranty

Affordable And High Quality Roofing And Siding

Affordable And High Quality Roofing, Siding, Seamless Gutters And More!

We promise you an honest evaluation of your home’s needs. many times a roof can be fixed. Let us stop by today and give you a no-nonsense assessment of your roof. From there we can talk about your options if it’s not fixable.

In the even you need a new roof then remember the experienced professionals at Rebuilding Michigan provides hi quality installation of your new roof. Take advantage of new shingle technology with a lifetime warranty. Get the peace of mind from knowing you had your new roof installed the right way; plus, you’ll add more equity value to your home.

Choose from a wide variety of affordable shingles with advance technology that out-performs those made in the past. In addition, we guarantee quality installation, and we’ll retain the integrity of your yard and landscaping. Our quality workmanship and attention to detail puts Rebuilding Michigan far ahead of the competition! Call today at (800) 786-0100.

Beautiful Siding Installation with Amazing Attention to Detail

The best siding is the siding that’s properly installed. Step up to high-quality vinyl or aluminum siding installation for your home with amazing attention to detail! Folks, what could be worse than paying for new siding and then having to live with poor quality workmanship? We promise you the highest industry standard for new siding installation, and our experienced siding installers are VSI certified. Our new technology siding comes in many beautiful styles and colors, and we’ll be happy to stop by your home and show you samples. We’ll even give our opinion on color options and the best siding for your home if you like.

This guarantees you a high-quality job and years of enjoyment from your siding investment. We take the time to do siding right, and it shows on every job with intricate detail and no sagging or sloppy finish work. You will absolutely love your new siding! Be the envy of your block and fall in love with your home again. Call (800) 786-0100 today for your free no-hassle estimate you have no obligation of any kind.

Quality Replacement Windows with New Advanced Technology

New Technology Replacement Windows And Exterior Upgrades

New Technology Replacement Windows And Fine Exterior Upgrades

Replacement windows have come a long way over the last decade, and that’s great news for you and your family! Call today for a free in-home consultation and see four yourself just how energy efficient and stylish our new replacement windows really are. In addition, new windows are very attractive and save on energy bills, so you’ll double the benefit with affordable new double pane or triple pane windows.

Rebuilding Michigan also carries a wide variety of manufactures, so you’re not locked into one particular brand. We’ll help your shoe for the perfect window for your home, and our certified window installers provide you years of experience and knowhow.

We also offer multi-service discounts if your home needs multiple repairs, and our storm damage repair team is second to none in Metro Detroit. Call (800) 786-0100 now for your free estimate. We provide both exterior and interior home remodeling along with custom design with free AutoCAD 3D rendering. This added value gives you the chance to see your project before we begin, and it eliminates any guess work on your part.

Free Seamless Gutters and Downspouts with Any New Roof

Premium Exterior RemodelingIt’s crucial that your gutters and downspouts are in working order. Your home’s foundation and other exterior components depend on water draining properly from your roof.

Many times a bad storm or wear-and-tear are the culprit for poor water flow, but in any event our new technology seamless gutters and downspouts are quick and easy to install and provide a much-needed service to you home. In addition, the cost is a very cheap alternative to costlier repairs that will result from your current gutters and downspouts not working the way they should.

In addition, Rebuilding Michigan also offers the latest technology in highly efficient “gutter guards” that keep debris out of your new seamless gutter systems. Call today for a free estimate and evaluation of your complete gutter and roof system. You’ll get an honest quote on your specific problems, and our expert advice on the most cost-effective solution for your home.

We combine our years of experience along with the latest technology in roof management systems to provide you the best possible repair at the lowest possible cost guaranteed. That’s the Rebuilding Michigan advantage for the exterior of your home; along with our amazing and affordable interior home improvements that we promise you will absolutely love. We are the design and build leaders in Metro Detroit, so call us at (800) 786-0100 and let’s begin to construct your “Dream Home”!

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